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New employees are sourced by a dedicated team of specialized recruiters by creating specific job profiles based on clients’ qualifications and skill requirements. We use cutting edge technology, leading industry resources, and also traditional methods to headhunt. We adopt complete screening process to attract best talent regardless of gender, culture and any bias.
Our corporate philosophy provides a solid commitment to our people and the quality of their lives, as well as their families. We fully understand that our employees are and always will be our most valuable asset and that the best people provide the best customer service. We attract and retain the best people for a few reasons.

CSR Minimum Qualifications:

              All of our representatives have to be a minimum of 18 years of age with a high school diploma or equivalent. If they do not meet this requirement, they must have two years of solid work experience (to demonstrate their work ethic and dependability). We advertise for customer service representatives in local newspapers, radio, and by offering employee referral bonuses. Employee referrals by far have been our most successful means of bringing in new representatives.

Screening Process:

              One manner in which our interviewers screen prospective representatives’ voices is when they call in to our # in response to our advertisements. Those lacking the voice quality required for the customer service representative position are not brought in for an interview; if voice quality is acceptable, prospective agents are invited to come in to the call center for an interview.
Upon arrival, applicants are greeted and asked to complete an application. The application covers employment history, educational background, skills and qualifications, shift availability, and references. Applicants are also asked to take a written test covering their general computer knowledge as well as grammar and spelling. In addition, when applicable, a computer keyboard test is administered to determine if the applicant possesses the skills necessary to accurately capture data on behalf of our clients. Those passing the tests are then invited to participate in a role-play with a member of the interview team for purposes of evaluating their interpersonal skills and phone presence as well as their aptitude for inbound, outbound or both types of contact handling.
Once the application and tests have been completed, applicants are interviewed by trained interviewers and graded on various attributes, including:

  •    Voice Quality

  •    Friendliness/Phone Presence

  •    Professional Demeanor

  •    Work History and Experience

  •    References

  •    Computer/Grammatical Test Scores

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