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Customer Care:
              Our customer care solutions are designed to optimize every interaction you have with your customers and provide an opportunity to build customer loyalty and brand awareness. Whether you outsource your contact center needs completely, or need overflow support during your busiest seasons, The G.E can provide fully trained customer service representatives to handle your customer inquiries. These representatives act as extensions of your company, providing answers to consumer questions, handling orders, processing requests, and offering additional products or services through effective cross-selling and up-selling techniques. A lot of the technology being used in the call centers will remain invisible However as a Client you will see not the technology, but a better quality of service, faster response times, and enhanced experience.

Customer Acquisition:
               At the core of our customer acquisition environment is providing a quality customer service experience and gaining the consumer’s confidence. The interaction generally begins with answering consumer questions regarding product information, product choices, cost, and availability. The middle and latter end of the call is dedicated toward an eventual sale (including up-sells and/or cross-sells) after the consumer’s questions have been answered and they have been put at ease.

Customer Lifecycle:
              Contact centers are more than a means to cut costs and streamline operations; when managed effectively, they can become a valuable and seamless profit center for your business. Our focus on the total customer lifecycle is driven by the recognition that our contact centers are a central touch-point with your customers and that exceptional customer service is a powerful predictor of customer loyalty consequently and profitability.

Anticipate Customer Needs:
              We are committed to delivering high-quality business services and solutions to our clients and believe that developing domain expertise in specialized areas is the key to fulfilling this business objective. We invest our resources strategically in areas where we possess core competencies and build our operating capacity to support our core areas of expertise.

Fulfillment Services:
              Supporting your customers’ needs at every stage of the lifecycle is critical to ensuring their loyalty and profitable behavior. Our fulfillment services are designed to address diverse customer requirements from the time they are prospects to when you want to up-sell and cross-sell products and services. Additionally, our fulfillment solutions can be integrated with your other customer care initiatives or modified at different stages of your customer programs. We structure our processes to ensure greater than 99% accuracy and on-time turnaround on orders and fulfillment requests.

Reward Outstanding People:
              We recognize that our people drive our business results and we work proactively to attract and manage the best talent in the industry. Our associates come from diverse backgrounds and possess cross-functional skill-sets. We believe that by identifying leaders and developing human potential within our associates, we will successfully drive our business forward.

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